2020 I - Mildly Winter - you are what you eat -

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I'm curious to compare this book with The Minds of Birds by Alexander Skutch. I think that when the Skutch book came out in the mid-90s, it was dismissed for being speculative/anecdotal. But I feel like a lot of what Ackerman brings up in her book was previously observed by Skutch, although without the backing of heavily empirical science or current depths of scientific inquiry.

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Ranking by quality (not counting Lakers basketball):

  1. Hinamatsuri
  2. ReLIFE
  3. A Certain Scientific Railgun T / Shokugeki no Soma (tie)
  4. Chihayafuru

Ranking by entertainment value:

  1. Hinamatsuri
  2. Shokugeki no Soma
  3. A Certain Scientific Railgun
  4. ReLIFE
  5. Chihayafuru

abandoned but not forgotten

Books I gave up on, for the moment at least.


"climate change"

"one thing you can do". Sure there are things one can do to help improve a situation, but without a real empathy I think the problem stays abstract. Real empathy is cultivated through time spent in nature. This is what takes it beyond a talking point.

2020 Winter II

reading & read

The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer, Neal Stephenson. It was nice to re-read this. Random thoughts:

Anathem, Neal Stephenson. This one isn't great to read before bed - because I haven't cleared enough pages to be fully immersed in it's world yet. And the world is imaginative not only in it's narrative, but it's use of language. It has it's own vocabulary, which isn't of completely made-up words but of familiar ones in more obscure uses - e.g. maths as groups/territories. Might need to start my own glossary or use one that's already available to dig in/keep up.

Popular Defense & Ecological Struggles, Paul Virilio. Snacking on this until I'm ready to take on a heavy critique of military industry.

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