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Hi it's Pete. Was on a photoshoot recently making fun of someone's monthly newsletter when Emily said 'Why don't you make a newsletter?'. I was somewhat justified ridiculing this photographer, though - his newsletter was riddled with very basic typos and he didn't really have much of an eye.

My independent publishing endeavor participated in #BABZ2017 (formerly the Bushwick Art Book and Zine Fair). This year it was held at Knockdown Center in Maspeth Queens. We were worried we'd lose some foot traffic not being in Bushwick, but financial returns and our general busy-ness all weekened suggested otherwise. It's really impressive how Sonel expanded BABZ from ~30 vendors to over 100, but still maintained an intimate, open atmosphere across the fair.

more mozz:

Franchise Magazine no. 3 cover + interview

What is the connection between basketball and ikebana? Honestly, there probably isn't one.

I used to do this thing where I'd give people my complimentary copies of the magazine if they wanted them. I decided to stop because it would always end up that I don't have any copies for myself. Semi-related, I just can't back Kevin Durant.

A set of these pictures were pinned to a wall during Greenpoint Open Studios, the same weekend as BABZ.

Updated the look of the website, using a small flatfile static CMS. It's nice to be outside the gated communities of out the box web solutions (he says this while writing to you on MailChimp). Other shit:

Datasci and Visualization

Standing Rockers

After about a month of staying with me, N and his daughter A of the Omaha Tribe continued their journey. It was a great month, although it's hard to have guests since I have no walls. But a lot of planning got done - A gave a talk at the American Indian Community House and also was instrumental in planning a divestment action that took place at Cooper Union. One night they brought home the Inspire Bank Exits crew, and N made burgers for us all. N kept saying 'Wouldn't it be cool if there was a New York Water Protectors badge?' (among other ideas), so I designed one real quick with N's song on there. It's amazing that we arrived at Standing Rock at the same time, but never met until they came up for a talk with Raymond Kingfisher at Hunter that I helped organize back in the winter. I have a lot of faith that A can become the next Winona LaDuke.

![no dapl in the big apple]()

S had been having some trouble with PTSD and had to take off back to a rural location.

Commercial Photography

Sad to see Lucky Peach go, but glad they printed my bio on the Contributors page. Kate Spade continues to be a wonderful client, based largely on the strength of their art directors, strong stylists, and attention to detail on all levels of production. Diversifying clientele would be a wise business decision, but would come at the expense of cutting back on hobbies.


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